A video I helped work on at Tinman Creative studios! 

Directed by Brett Jubinville
Produced & Edited by Morghan Fortier

Puppet Design & Puppeteering by Kathryn Durst
Additional Puppeteering by Ben Lee
Puppet Fabrication by Trish Leeper
Wardrobe by Jane Edmondson
Props by Carmel Roy
Camera & Puppet Assist by Alex Biasutti

Storyboards by Kevin Williams
Background Design & Compositing by Wesley Blondin

back into it…again back into it…again

take chances! makes mistakes! get messy!



Guys With Pencils Ep 165 - The TAAFI Talk!

This weekend was TAAFI! Toronto Animation Arts Festival International! We hosted 3 panels and got to meet up with a lot of friends and colleagues who work in Toronto. Lots of great times were had by all and the TAAFI crew did a phenomenal job putting everything together! This episode is just a taste of what we did at TAAFI. In the weeks to come we will do a follow up episode with the folks behind the event. But for now, Have a listen to the awesome things that we got to witness!


Guys with pencils did a great talk about the TAAFI festival this past weekend. They did a shout out to TINMAN! Ps - i was the one who did the character designs ;)

TAAFI poster 2014 - Tinman did all the stuff for the poster and program and opening animations for the festival. I did all the character designs you see here. :)

Was an awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out. 

image for a dancing workshop
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