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Guys With Pencils Ep 165 - The TAAFI Talk!

This weekend was TAAFI! Toronto Animation Arts Festival International! We hosted 3 panels and got to meet up with a lot of friends and colleagues who work in Toronto. Lots of great times were had by all and the TAAFI crew did a phenomenal job putting everything together! This episode is just a taste of what we did at TAAFI. In the weeks to come we will do a follow up episode with the folks behind the event. But for now, Have a listen to the awesome things that we got to witness!


Guys with pencils did a great talk about the TAAFI festival this past weekend. They did a shout out to TINMAN! Ps - i was the one who did the character designs ;)

TAAFI poster 2014 - Tinman did all the stuff for the poster and program and opening animations for the festival. I did all the character designs you see here. :)

Was an awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out. 

image for a dancing workshop
back at it back at it back at it back at it

all the lonely people. can’t tell if they’re everywhere, or if i’m just projecting.

graphic for unicycle club!